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CMG’s New Era Icebreaker Search Program kicks off to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sino-British diplomatic relations

The United Kingdom was the first major Western power to recognize the People’s Republic of China, and on March 13, 1972, the two countries established diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level. Over the past 50 years, many “icebreakers” have emerged in the bilateral economy, trade and finance, energy, science and technology, tourism, health and education, and have become important bridges for promoting economic development and deepening friendship between the two peoples. Launched by China Media Group (CMG), the New Era Icebreakers Research will run both online and offline throughout 2022 to showcase individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of bilateral relations between China and the United Kingdom. More than a dozen Chinese and foreign guests, including Chen Haixiong, President of CMG Zheng Zhiguang, Chinese-British Ambassador, Stephen Perry, President of 48 Group Club and former British Deputy Prime Minister Michael Haseltine, attended the online launch event of the media event.

In his speech, Shen Haixiong stressed that at the beginning of this year’s Chinese New Year, Chinese President Xi Qingping congratulated the 48th Group Club on the “Icebreaker” event, expressing the hope that China and the United Kingdom would continue mutually beneficial cooperation, serving the two countries and for the benefit of the two peoples. . CMG acts as a bridge, connecting, and a new historical starting point for Sino-British relations, contributing to the “golden age” of bilateral lasting, open and win-win relations, and promoting the community of human destiny.

Stephen Perry, president of the 48 Group Club, and his father, Jack Perry, were among the first “icebreakers” in Sino-British relations, receiving the China Reform Medal of Friendship. At the opening ceremony, Stephen Perry said that since his first “ice-breaking flight” in 1953, the 48 Group Club has been committed to developing Sino-British and Sino-European trade. Stephen Berry said that the changes in China and the world are huge, it is an exciting experience to carry forward China’s reform and opening up.

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