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CNN: Politics will electrify with Hillary Clinton’s return

Biden’s popularity index is currently at 33 percent, and Harris’s index has been the lowest among vice presidents since the 1970s.

He described Hillary Clinton as one of the most deserving presidential candidates on Tuesday in an op-ed published on the CNN news portal, which said US politics is eagerly awaiting Clinton’s return. “Opportunity filled all political life, Democrats and Republicans” Television news said Clinton would be a more suitable presidential candidate than incumbent Joe Biden in the 2024 election. “Considering his experience as a former first lady, senator and secretary of state, Hillary is one of the fittest candidates in the country.” Said CNN, which, by the way, clearly supported the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for president in the 2016 presidential election, unlike Republican Donald Trump.

The TV news cast in the eyes of the right-wing American media that Hillary is from Clinton “Sculpt a monster instead of a leader”.

Clinton was left out in the 2016 presidential election against Donald Trump and, after his defeat, withdrew to his home in Chappaquay, New York, only recently hearing about himself. The conservative political economy newspaper The Wall Street Journal also reported last week that Clinton is one of the Democrats’ chances in the 2024 election. The paper also highlighted that the 74-year-old Clinton was younger than Biden and supposedly would change the tide of the party. ‘Disorganized and unpopular’ direction.

Incidentally, the Wall Street Journal did not mention Vice President Kamala Harris as a possible presidential candidate.

Biden’s popularity index is currently at 33 percent,

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And Harris in August was the lowest among vice presidents since the 1970s. According to a poll released Monday by the American Institute for Public Opinion Research, Gallup, in 2021, the Democratic Party was disadvantaged by 5 percent over Republicans in terms of the party’s preference for American voters.


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