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Coca-Cola sells mineral springs with cork

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Food giants. Coca-Cola European shareholders sell Sodentolar mineral Brennan to Wilsa Burnen. Law firm Cork will help.

Cork, a German business law firm headed by Roland Hoffmann-Thinert, advised Coca-Cola European Partners (Deutschland) GmbH to sell its Sodontolar Mineral Brennan business to the Wilsa Brunen Otto Rodegohar Group.

The company said in 2015 that the previously legally independent unit was merged with its legal predecessor – Coca-Cola Erfrieschungsjetrange AG.

Coca-Cola’s European partners (Germany) have been advising on corporate and business law for many years, and it continues: The company is a German subsidiary of Coca-Cola European Partners PLC (CCEP), based in Oxbridge (United Kingdom). Is the company.

League of Bottlers and their Advisers

CCEP is the parent company listed by the European Coca-Cola “Bottler” and is thus the largest independent Coca-Cola Bottler in the world: a Bottle is a licensed bottle company with approval to bottle black gold (and often a group of other brands) Coca Cola Company Received.

CCEP emerged in 2016 from a merger of three Butler Coca-Cola Enterprises, Coca-Cola Iberia Partners, SA and German Coca-Cola Erfrieschungstrang AG. Nearly half of the shares traded on the LSE and NYSE are free floats.

In particular, the following were active in Gork:

  • Roland Hoffmann-Dinert, Partner, Corporate / M & A, Berlin
  • Thomas Winkeman, Partner, Real Estate / M&A, Berlin
  • Mark Schofner, Partner, Public Administration Law, Berlin
  • Adolfert Roading, Partner, Tax, Cologne
  • Thomas Boyer, Associate, Corporate / M&A, Berlin
  • Emre Osbeck, Associate, Corporate / M&A, Berlin