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Code – Abroad – Leased aircraft of Russian oligarchs captured in the UK

The plane landed in the archipelago on March 3. According to British officials, Eugene Schwitler was an oil tycoon on board.

Schwitler, originally named Yevgeny, worked briefly in the United States, where he became a U.S. citizen. He then returned home to Russia, where he co-founded one of the most trusted oil companies with his partner Roman Abramovich. Syphnifted.

In the UK, the oligarchy is now exploring whether to lease the aircraft on a permanent basis and whether it is subject to UK sanctions.

The flight, which was booked in Luxembourg, would have continued its journey from the UK to Dubai, but airport officials failed to take off.

This happened when London announced new sanctions against Russian planes.

The British government has declared the entry of Russian-owned or Russian-leased aircraft into UK airspace a criminal offense. Meanwhile, new trade sanctions have barred the UK from exporting space technology to Russia.

Eugene Schwitler is not yet on any British crime list.

Fifteen billion pounds of Russian wealth was confiscated by the British

On the official website of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office ExplainedThe assets of seven Russian oligarchy were totally frozen 15 billion (Approximately HUF converted to $ 6,900 billion).

In addition to the property freeze, the foreign minister announced travel restrictions on “Russia’s seven richest and most influential oligarchs, whose business empire is closely linked to the Kremlin.” Seven businessmen were deported from the UK.

The British diplomat added that the government would continue to support Ukraine and “work to isolate Russia in the international arena.”

United Kingdom “one of the first countries to ban the use of Russian aircraft” Quoted The BBC called the transport minister, who went a step further, saying it was now a criminal offense for a Russian plane to fly over UK airspace.

Our goal is to deny the Russian president and his comrades a comfortable way of life when innocent Ukrainians are suffering, Grand Schaffs argued.

With regard to leased aircraft, it is not easy to establish a link between the aircraft registered in the third country and its wealthy Russian tenant. However, according to sources who tell the BBC, identifying an aircraft as Russian is not only a radar surveillance, but a real “investigation job” to find its true owner.

The new sanctions were announced shortly after the British government promised to ban Russian oil imports like the United States by the end of this year.

The British were not the only ones punished

Roman Abramovic, Schwitler’s former partner, is the most notorious oligarch of the property freeze. About their boats Became famous.

The Russian businessman has yet to sell Chelsea, in fact: the London Club is almost there Disability But can at least play matches with the personal permission of the government.

Asset freeze means that UK citizens and businesses should not handle financial and economic resources in the UK. It also prevents the disbursement of funds and resources to designated persons or for their benefit.

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With the exception of Abramovich, Alex Miller, CEO of Gosprom, was allowed in; Oleg Gyeripaska, co-owner of the Energy and Metals Corporation; Igor Szecsint, CEO of Rosnyftty; Andrej Kosztyint, Chairman of VTB Bank; Nikolai Dokarev, chairman of the Transnistrian State Oil Transport Company, and Dmitry Lepadev, chairman of the group at Rosia Bank.

A few days ago, Italian authorities seized villas and boats worth nearly 140 million euros (54 billion forinders) from four Russian oligarchs placed on the EU sanctions list for the invasion of Ukraine. Because.

According to police, the villa of billionaire businessman Aliser Usmanov and the luxury property of state television presenter Vladimir Solojo in Lake Como were also seized in Sardinia.

The boats of Gennady Timchenko, who had close ties to the Russian president and Russia’s richest man, Alexei Mortazov, were also seized at the port of Imperia in northern Italy.

Russian oligarchs have bought many luxury holiday homes in Italy over the past two decades, so the seizures are not over yet.

(Cover: Roman Abramovich and Eugene Schwitler, September 24, 2005. Photo: Nick Pots / PA Pictures / Getty Images)