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Coding – technical science – Britain fights spies under the sea

Among the biggest debates, it has recently become independent in terms of foreign policy A review of Britain’s security policy. Often, surprising things come up.

At the moment, it seems that Boris Johnson wants to increase the number of nuclear weapons in the system, be ready for use, and increase their number to 260 instead of the current 180. By comparison, experts say China has 200 to 280 ready-to-use warships, while the U.S. and Russia will reduce the number of their own warships under the last-minute START III agreement to 1,500-15,000. The plan has provoked strong criticism from the opposition.

Chief of the British Navy was the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

Photo: Jane Barlow / PA Images / Getty Images Hungary

At the same time, Britain is shifting the weight of the forces that make up the armed forces as a result of changing priorities, despite a growing budget. Again, the Army is drinking juice and plans to further reduce the number of tanks and armored vehicles. This may, of course, be a reaction to the changed security responsibilities of the kingdom, but a similar process has already taken place in the world, with the newly formed Russia similarly boycotting its land forces after the fall of the Soviet Union. To prove how much he had done wrong in the Chechen war since 1994-95.

On his return to Britain, little was known about it

Intercontinental Internet communication takes place on submarines.

It caused a great deal of controversy a few years ago when spy submarines called AGS in Russian terms were spotted around them. Business In the meantime. One of them, the nuclear-powered Loserik, crashed in 2019. Realizing the danger of listening or disrupting communications, the Royal Navy began to design a new type of device.