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Coding – technical science – may launch a hopeless investigation against Apple in the UK

There have already been various complaints about Apple’s anti – competitive behavior around the world and in the UK – perhaps the most important of which is the epic game, its game Fortnight Disabled on Apple devicesBecause it skipped the App Store.

This is why other developers have complained to the appropriate authorities: they are not at all satisfied that they are being forced to distribute their apps through the App Store on the iPhone and iPod, so

Apple takes 30% stake.

Apple is adamant on this issue: they think the company’s terms

“Fair and Equal”

There were all the companies in question.

During the investigation, the UK Market Monitoring Commission will examine the extent to which Apple dominates the distribution of applications on its own devices, and whether it does not impose unreasonable terms on developers.

Millions of people use weather control, gaming or news apps every day. Therefore, complaints that Apple is using its market position to establish terms that are unfair or that control competition and choice – which can cause loss to customers when purchasing and using apps – should be carefully investigated.

Andrea Gocelli, director of the UK Market Monitoring Commission, insisted. Apple did not miss the answer:

We believe in a prosperous and competitive market where all the best ideas can grow. The App Store has been the engine of success for app developers because of the strict and equally applicable standards. It is the responsibility of every developer to protect customers from malware and to prevent extensive data collection without their permission. We look forward to working with the UK Competition and Market Authority to explain to them how the App Store has become a trusted marketplace for consumers and developers through our privacy, security and content policies.

The protracted war

After the two removed the Fortnight from their smartphone app stores, the U.S. Epic Games has taken legal action against Apple and Google.

The difficulty in launching mobile applications, the developers say, was deliberately taken up by both companiesDifficult Two of them on online websiteshops.

In August, the epic boycotted Apple and Google stores to allow Fortnight players to buy virtual currency at low prices, resulting in an immediate ban on both stores.

The case has caught the attention of regulators and politicians alike.

They also attacked two global companies in Arizona

The Arizona State House of Representatives passed a law this week banning Apple and Google and all other app stores with more than a million downloads, allowing developers in the state to create more demanding apps to use only their app stores.

The law also covers users living in the state, but it is not yet clear what impact this will have on companies based in other states but selling in Arizona. It is now being submitted to the state Senate for approval.

In Europe, Apple faces two inquiries as to whether it has breached competition rules, one related to its App Store policy.