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Coincidentally, she became a model for the homeless man: she was noticed under a bridge – beauty and fashion

There are many touching and inspiring stories circulating on the internet that show that nothing is impossible, and it is true that sometimes a person’s life takes a positive turn of 180 degrees in a very short time. Surely, Ali Olkunmi’s story is one of them.

The homeless man owes his new career to an opportunity that will likely save him from statelessness quickly.

He became a homeless model

The creative director of a fashion brand looked at the bridge below the bridge in Ikeja, Nigeria, as a photo op location – which is exactly what Ali Olakunmi was sleeping under. The team was just waiting for the contracted form, which was long overdue, at which point the vagabond man was noticed. Their leader, Afolabi, Khan Ali was asleep when he walked towards him and asked for some pictures. He immediately saw his place in the modeling career.

The team prepared him for the job, dressed brightly and fashionably, and posed for photoshoot as if he had always been in the profession. The creative director shared the story – and of course the photos – online, which was a huge hit.

The article continues after the recommendation

Netizens were totally there to see pictures of the man, his modeling talent, and of course the story that matched the movie. But she has caught the attention of not only people but also the fashion world, and a large modeling agency has reportedly been asked for her contact information. It is not yet known exactly who hired him, but he is sure he now owns his Twitter profile, which his management runs, and has taken professional photos of him in the studio since then.

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By the way, Ali thanked people for their support in the post and Khan that he hopes that he will soon be able to appear in fashion shows and fulfill one of his biggest desires: to become a successful model. Anyway, what is certain is that no matter what happens, the chance to meet completely changed a man’s life, and we hope he never has to live on the streets like a homeless again.

A hairdresser turns the homeless

Los Angeles stylist and hairdresser Jason Schneidman has been walking the city streets a few times a month for years to help the homeless in his own way. He uses all his talents to bring a new look to those in need, and with that he wants to give them new opportunities.