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Come on, come on, come on! Tyler Rick: Filming for the second part of Eviction has officially ended

The film, starring Chris Hemsworth, was a huge hit with viewers, and Netlfix has now officially announced that filming is complete.

Director Sam Hargrave participated, and the shooting of the second part has officially been completed, and the second part will, of course, be available on Netflix. The director also posted on Instagram when filming was finished and announced that a large part of post-production is already underway.

“THAT WAS!!! We had Tyler Rick: The last two days of evacuation. What an incredible trip. Thanks to all the cast and staff, it was an epic achievement and I’m so proud of everyone. Thanks!!!”

In the posted video, the director noted that he loves filming, and it was a “fantastic journey,” adding that he was incredibly excited about what the end result would ultimately be. Chris Hemsworth finished filming about a week ago, and the director also posted a video about it, announcing that the Chris Hemsworth scenes were successfully shot.

In the video, the director endorsed the Australian actor with great words, declaring that he brought “another great picture”, “a wonderful collaborator” and even a “true legend”. But Hemsworth himself posted one on set, and every word he said he loved working together, as did the crew, and was looking forward to releasing the movie so they could continue the franchise.


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