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Come to the national team that you feel like – Golovin –

On Homecoming on Sports Radio, Golovin Vladimir, the federal captain of the women’s handball team, spoke to Tibor Zigo about Gabriella Toth, who recently quit the national team.

Vladimir Golovin spoke at the sports field about the Gabriella Toth affair (Photo: Karoly Orvay)

As is known, Golovin Vladimir, On Monday, the federal captain of the Hungarian women’s handball team set the stage for the European Championship qualifiers against Spain. The 51-year-old specialist invited the Mosonmagyaróvár control shooter to the frame, Gabriella Toth, But player A In an interview with Nadia He said he did not accept the invitation of the national team.

The captain of the Fed was surprised by the player’s resignation and was surprised, because when he spoke to the manager it was not about what appeared on the MKC website.

“After Wednesday’s league match against Erd, I called Golovin Vladimir and spoke to him about this. The Fed captain was a little surprised, but he accepted my reasons and did not want to persuade me to take part in the preparations.” quotes The 25-year-old, 49-times national team player, who also added, is not in good physical shape, either physically or mentally, which is evident in his performance as well, so he believes he can’t help the national team. right Now.

“Gabriella called Wednesday night and said she couldn’t attend the coherence due to mental and physical problems. I tried to get him to come, let’s see what his condition is, but I couldn’t convince him. At the end of the talk, he said he had already been selected, and there was ‘applause’, he didn’t ask Young people go. I was surprised, but if you decide to do it, you have to accept it, and I did. The next day, I found material on the club’s website that looked a little different than it did on Wednesday. It was there where Gabriella didn’t come to the stage ahead, The two World Cup qualifiers against the Spaniards in early March, but then, if it turns out, she does. I don’t know, and I don’t care much, how he changed his mind so much in one day. I’m sure he could have helped in the work of this young team, But that’s how it turns out now. Anyone who doesn’t want to be where he’s called certainly can’t help. Only come to the national team that you feel you can help, even if only with applause, and then with him.” Vladimir Golovin said on Sports Radio.

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