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Comes with an electric car for mining Bitcoin and Dogecoint

One of Canada’s electric Daymak cars will be able to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dogecoint while parking.

While cryptocurrency regulation is slowly on the ubiquitous agenda, it was also expected that developments in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions, in fact, would not stop.

Here, for example, is Daymak, the latest ad many say that Tesla CEO Elon Musk might also envy. Canadian company Daymak will produce electric cars, and its latest electric car, the Avvenire Spiritus, will be able to mine cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin, for example).

a nebula miner The technology called Daymak has yet to be patented, and although production has not started, Daymak has already received a pre-order of more than $350 million. Avvenire Spiritus may become available in 2023.

Daymak says most vehicles will lose their value over the years, but the Nebula Miner will make money for its owner while it’s parked. According to the company, by 2023, the company will be at the peak of the blockchain revolution. While parking and recharging, Nebula Miner will mine cryptocurrency, and owners will be able to collect and store cryptocurrency in Nebula Wallet, but will also be able to transact. The electric car for crypto miners can also be ordered with cryptocurrency, dog points, ethereum, bitcoin and cardano.

Crypto experts say there are two problems with Daymak’s idea. For example, Coingecko co-founder Bobby Ong says that years from now, old mining hardware will no longer be effective, plus the car needs a constant internet connection.

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