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Commentators were very upset that Rubén Rela went to her brother’s wedding on this set.

This is practically a lace bra.

Robin Realty brother Roland He got married last weekend and on the big day the whole family was official. Robin Rica One shared with the young couple with pictures Remembering the event, Rubint Rella showed her followers only her own collection. However, under his position, hell soon liberated. A large number of commentators were completely surprised by the fact that the flu attended the party in shorts and a bra.

  • “I’m so sorry you didn’t put on a nice little summer dress in your great misery in Germany in which you would honor your brother’s wedding. I don’t know what would happen to me to show up at a wedding in a lace bra and a bisha set. But I had a nursery.”
  • “Are you serious about this at your brother’s wedding?”
  • “It’s a pity that your parents didn’t teach you that your other wedding is not about your glamor, and obscenity is the glamorous dress.”
  • “They let you in for a wedding like this!? I was going to walk you around the house to change.”
  • “It’s cool, but it’s not a wedding dress. It would have been perfect for a walk on the beach, but have you seriously flaunted your breasts at another wedding? What got into you?”
  • “Jerk like the whole family!”

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