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Completion of an intelligence report on the origin of the coronavirus: openly discussing laboratory theory

Authorities say only China can help answer questions about the actual origin of the new coronavirus, which has so far killed 4.6 million people worldwide.

China’s cooperation is likely to be needed to definitively clarify the origin of Covid-19

– Consists of a summary issued by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). President Joe Biden, who completed a confidential report on his instructions in May this week, said Washington and its allies would put more pressure on the Chinese government to answer their questions.

Biden said in a statement that basic information about the origins of the epidemic is available in the People’s Republic of China, yet Chinese government officials have worked from the start to prevent international investigators and members of the global public health public from accessing this information.

The intelligence report comes at a time when relations between the two countries have deteriorated into decades.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington responded in a statement, stressing that the statement in the report submitted on Friday that China obstructed the investigation from the start was a “mistake” and added that The report compiled by US intelligence services is not scientifically reliable.

The search for the origin is a scientific task that can and should be entrusted only to scientists and not to intelligence experts. The Chinese embassy said the report aims to “eliminate a scapegoat from China”, which is said to be hampering the fight against the epidemic. However, he did not undertake to research in the United States the origin of the pathogen of the Covid epidemic.

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In response to investigations launched by Washington, China in recent months has sought to ridicule the assumption that the Covid-19 pathogen was released from the Wuhan State Virology Laboratory and spread theories that the virus was released from the laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland. Early in 2019. -in.

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