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Compulsory truck quarantine: changes in Romania and the UK

Authorities have announced new entry rules for professional drivers. Professional organizations are critical.

a Travelers from France to England are in quarantine for 10 days They must undergo, even if they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

a truck drivers and holders of a community license that permits the international carriage of goods Does not belong According to the obligation, but on the condition that they return from a business trip and not, for example, from vacation, says the Road Transport Association.

upon entering No coronavirus test required يلزمHonor, but you have to fill one localization formThey must prove that they are traveling for work. For example, a bill of lading.

Quarantine in Romania

Bigger changes await drivers heading to Romania. the From the yellow zone (eg Spain or Portugal) or the red zone (eg Great Britain) For newcomers Quarantine for 14 daysThey have to pass – at home or in a certain area.

the Vaccinated people are an exceptionR, provided that the last dose of vaccination is at least Ten days before entering the country It was granted.

People who are in the territory of Romania less than 72 hours Also from quarantine, provided that the SARS-CoV test is carried out no later than 72 hours before entering the country negative result are presented.

An updated list of danger zones can be found at Online.

The trade organization Uniunea Nationala Transportatorilor Rutieri din Romania (UNTRR) has been highly critical of the need to isolate professional drivers.

According to Romanian transport companies, this could “lead to serious disruptions in supply chains and also reduce the activity of road transport companies”.

Co-author: Diana Hodivoianu

Photo: Pixabay