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Corona virus: 150 million infected globally, and the epidemic is spreading in India and Brazil

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said in an interview with US television MSNBC that New York City plans to “reopen completely” on July 1, after more than a year of lockdown orders and restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus.

“We are also ready to reopen shops, companies, offices and theaters,” said de Blasio. The Democratic mayor described their vaccination achievements as a great success, saying, he said, 6.3 million doses of the vaccine have already been administered in a city of 8.3 million people. “A large number of people have already been vaccinated (…), but we still have to work hard,” he added. The mayor has not specified whether, after the reopening, special rules will be applied to restaurants or theaters serving their audiences at home.

Currently, two New York MLB teams, the Yankees and the Mets, are also asking fans to take a quick test before entering the stadium or prove they’ve already been vaccinated. The city has a limited stadium capacity of 20 percent. Broadway theaters do receive audiences, but also in limited numbers.

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday that he will end restrictions on the opening hours of restaurants and bars. As per current rules, restaurants are unable to serve guests after midnight. “Opening hours will end on May 17 for restaurants operating on terraces and on May 31 for catering units that serve people indoors,” Cuomo said.

Rochelle Wallinsky, director of the American Center for Epidemiology and Disease Prevention (CDC), announced Tuesday that those who have received all the coronavirus vaccines needed for protection can stay outdoors without wearing a mask, but in smaller groups at most.

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The new CDC directive uses a color scheme to explain what vaccinated and unvaccinated people can do indoors and out, with a mask and without a mask. According to this, for example, from now on, those who have received all the necessary vaccinations for protection will not have to wear a mask in small outdoor gatherings. Even if mixed with unvaccinated people.

However, the new rules also stipulate that people who have been vaccinated must wear masks when they meet people who have been vaccinated and unvaccinated outdoors, in crowded public places, in enclosed public spaces such as malls and houses of worship or even in smaller indoor gatherings.

According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 237360493 doses of a new type of coronavirus vaccine were given in the United States by Thursday morning. 143,793,565 people received at least one vaccine, and 99,668,945 received all doses of serum needed for protection. (MTI)