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Corona virus: Six vaccination programs in the UK, reducing infection

A total of 140,844 corona viruses 227 screenings were positive, according to the latest tenth round of a real-time assessment of community exchange (REACT-1) conducted regularly by Imperial College University London from March 11 to March 30. According to the research center’s weight calculation method, this means In the UK, the infection rate is currently 0.2 per cent.

Research experts insist on it A previous REACT survey conducted in February indicated a 0.49 per cent infection rate, a 60 per cent reduction in the incidence of corona virus infection in the UK population.

Within the national average in the Southeast, above all In London, the former epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in the UK, the infection rate is declining at a particularly high rate. According to the survey, between previous and current REACT surveys in the UK capital, the UK southeast corona virus infection rate ranges from 0.6 per cent to 0.16 per cent.

Researchers at Imperial College also discovered it Growing corona virus infections cause fewer hospitalizations and deaths than ever before. According to experts in the study, the close link between infections, acute illness and death seems to be clearly loosening, often as a result of the vaccine campaign.

The new REACT survey found that 5-12 year olds – 0.41 percent – 65-74 year olds, and 75-74 year olds 0.09 percent. The current phase of the UK vaccination program is focused on the elderly, with the declared goal of getting the most vulnerable population to get the corona virus vaccine first.

Since the start of the vaccination program, which began on December 8, nearly 32 million people have received the first dose of the vaccine, and 5.7 million have received the second dose. The goal of the British government All members over the age of 50 by April 15, one week from now By the end of July, the entire British adult population will receive the first dose of the corona virus vaccine.

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