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Corona virus: Very good news from the UK

The British Bureau of Statistics (ONS) currently estimates there are 112,600 corona virus infections in the UK, the most populous country in the UK, based on comprehensive population-based screenings.

This means that one in every 480 people in the UK is infected, which means that about 0.21 per cent of the population has corona virus in their body.

The ONS calculation is estimated at 160,200 a month ago and a further 481,300 in the UK two months ago. According to studies conducted at the time, 0.29 per cent and 0.88 per cent of the English population were infected with the corona virus, respectively, which is now less than a quarter of the active population infection rate in the UK two months ago.

According to the latest estimates by the British Government’s Standards Scientific Advisory Committee (SAGE) released on Friday, the reproductive rate of R in the UK ranges from 0.7 to 1. The low rating fell to 0.8 last week. The new estimate shows that ten people transmit the corona virus infection to an average of 7 to 10 people.

However, according to the probability distribution method of SAGE, a level above 1 indicates a recession in the spread of the disease. Based on this method, the R-rate of 0.7 to 1 decreases the number of new corona virus infections each day by an average of 1 to 6 percent over the previous 24 hours, the team said.

SAGE showed an R-score of 0.8-1.1 in London on Friday, which was the 9th hub of the UK corona virus outbreak.

The number of new corona virus infections per day in the British capital is between 5 percent lower and stagnant compared to the previous 24 hours, according to the Scientific Committee. Estimates range from 0.6-0.9 to 0.7-1.1 in other regions studied in the UK.

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As a result of the continuous improvement of the epidemic situation, the British government reduced the readiness of the highest quality, which indicates the severity of the corona virus infection, already at a level by the end of February.

According to the latest figures from the UK Health Department, 32.44 million people have received the first dose of the corona virus vaccine since the UK vaccine campaign began on December 8, and more than 8.5 million have received the second dose. The UK government aims to have at least one corona virus vaccine available to all British adults by the end of July.

Cover image source: MTI / Frank Austin