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Coronavirus: Omicron is spreading at a frightening speed, but encouraging news is also leaking

According to local health authorities, nearly three-quarters of samples that were sequenced last month showed a recently discovered strain of the virus that has caused an alarming outbreak in the Republic of South Africa, according to local health authorities, becoming the dominant strain very quickly, Infostart.

The number of infections has risen dramatically over the past two weeks, jumping from an average of 300 new cases per day to 1,000 last week and 3,500 after that, said Michelle Grome, of South Africa’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NICD). On Wednesday, 8,561 cases were recorded in the Republic of South Africa, up from 1,275 the previous week.

The growth rate is alarming

Grom said.

NCID reported that 74 percent of samples sequenced last month showed the presence of Omicron, which first appeared on November 8 in one of the country’s densely populated Gauteng province. Right now, the world is waiting for answers to two important questions about the alternative: how widespread it is and whether it can evade the protection offered by vaccines.

According to Marie van Kerkhove, an epidemiologist at the World Health Organization, it could take days to learn the characteristics of the strain in reality. According to early NCID data

Omicron is somewhat able to circumvent the protection offered by vaccines, but the protection offered by current vaccines against serious illness and mortality remains strong.

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