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Coronavirus: The Indian binary mutant has also appeared in Italy

Luca Zaia stressed that “the epidemic is not over yet.” The politician demanded special attention from those who live in the region. He announced that they want to end vaccinating people in their 60s by June, and by that time they want to vaccinate most of their 50s. He said that an Indian viral mutation has been identified in Bassano del Grappa: a father and daughter of Indian origin. The governor noted that dozens of variables have been identified in the province since February of last year.

On the first day of the restrictions being lifted since autumn, Italian restaurant terraces reopened. Of more than 350,000 bars, cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlors, 140,000 have resumed operations in loosened counties. According to the producer organization Coldiretti, restaurant sales volumes in Italy fell 42 percent last year, with more than a million tons of food thrown out of kitchens due to often sudden epidemic closures.

For the first time in six months, Caprin set the tables again in the main square. Half of the six espresso bars in the center of the island, which have a population of just over 7,000, have reopened, and between them, Piccolo Bar and Bar Tiberio were already waiting guests with the tables. Only locals arrived on the first day, as tourists are still scarce.

Not all restaurants on Piazza Navona in Rome have reopened after more than a year of crisis. But in Naples, the espresso makers suddenly set up a balcony on the street for themselves to open again.

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The cinemas also reopened on Monday: Beltrade in Milan symbolically opened at six in the morning, and loyal spectators were standing in small rows in front of the box office. Farnese, a historical Roman cinema, was among the first to reopen a series of documentaries.

21 percent of Italians have already received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine. The province of Lombardy, known as the focal point, has announced that it will no longer use the AstraZeneca vaccine, except for those who even need a second dose of this vaccine.

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