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Cough you need to see a doctor right away: it can indicate a serious illness

A prolonged cough can warn of serious diseases, so if you suffer from this, you should go to the doctor.

A productive monthly cough can also be a symptom of chronic bronchitis Doctor. Ildico Tarnock Pulmonologist, Lung Center Inform your doctor in more detail.

Prolonged cough – can have many triggers

If the cough persists for more than three to eight weeks, then we are talking about a prolonged cough. It can appear as a remnant of a respiratory infection, but it can also be caused by many diseases such as reflux, asthma, COPD, heart failure, or it can be a symptom of chronic bronchitis.

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis

Bronchitis affects the bronchi, but is usually accompanied by tracheitis. In the case of bronchitis, the mucous membrane lining the walls of the bronchi becomes inflamed, the thickness of the bronchial wall increases, the production of secretions increases, characteristic symptoms appear. Bronchitis can be acute, usually of viral origin, and usually clears up within a week to ten days.

However, in the case of chronic bronchitis, there was a productive cough with secretions for at least three months, and the complaint period was repeated for at least two years. In such cases, it is not a viral infection but an ongoing irritation and inflammation of the bronchial mucosa that plays a role in its development.

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The main reason for this is smoking or prolonged inhalation of polluted air, for example in the work environment. But it can also happen when someone has acute bronchitis that occurs more than once in a row.

When do you need a doctor?

If a cough persists for more than eight weeks, whether dry or bleeding, accompanied by secretions, a pulmonary examination is certainly justified. In addition to prolonged complaints, the risk of respiratory diseases increases, since the precipitated secretion, constantly present in the lungs, provides favorable conditions for further bacterial infection.


Chronic bronchitis is also a type of COPD, COPD. We know that this disease exists, although it is currently incurable, it can be cured. Recognizing when the deterioration of the condition can be slowed, patients’ quality of life can be significantly improved, so it is not recommended to postpone examination.

The most powerful herbs in relieving cough

Coughing is stressful and can make it difficult for you to rest at night. One of the easiest ways to combat it is to drink herbal tea in the warmth of your home.

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