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Could Verstappen face another penalty in Jeddah? Press release

In addition, a replacement at Losail was already considered, but this was eventually prevented by Verstappen’s revenge. Realistically, next weekend will be the last time a new drivetrain can be deployed, as it might not be a good start to finish the end of the entire season.

However, the situation is that Verstappen could be world champion in Jeddah if he somehow manages to score 17 points over Lewis Hamilton. Of course, this does not seem very likely in the current case, but it is not far-fetched.

The question remains open though, and the problem is that while the Honda engines are really reliable this year, Verstappen’s fourth engine this year is still in Sochi, which was a long time ago.

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This means that this unit must complete a total of eight races, including the Abu Dhabi season finale, which is a large number, even if several other engines were used in free practice and only the last engine was installed on the timer.

However, no matter how hard they try to protect the resource, the chances of failure increase with each race, and at the end of the season, one can decide the fate of the world title. That’s why you can hear that Honda was already considering installing a fifth engine in Qatar, he wrote. Italian edition.

It was thought that given Hamilton and Verstappen’s advantage over the rest of the field, the Netherlands could have finished second even if they finished fifth behind them. But at Red Bull, they thought their first streak start would give them a chance to somehow beat Hamilton out of pole position.

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Verstappen, on the other hand, was investigated after Saturday’s trial for ignoring the double yellow, and by the time the final decision came from the FIA, there was no time to replace the engine. So this opportunity was missed, and Hamilton regained his most powerful unit in Saudi Arabia.

And that could be a huge advantage for him in the urban asphalt sector, which promises to be very fast. It also makes it hard to decide if a whole new place will be thrown, so they don’t know how hard or easy it will be to overtake.

After Friday’s workouts, maybe we can learn more, but that’s not life insurance either. So, if Red Bull decides to carry on with the fifth engine coming, they will be taking more serious risks than they would otherwise have had in Qatar.

The bulls now hope that Hamilton’s “rocket engine” will not be as brutal as in Brazil, so their advantage will not be too great either. So based on the current situation, it seems likely that there will be no exchange after all, but this year we’ve already seen a lot of tactics between the two teams, and it might just be another trick.

Whatever happens, it will be revealed in Jeddah on Saturday, so we’ll have to wait until then for Red Bull and Honda to decide.

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