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Coulthard explained why he was not kind to Vettel

Sebastian VettelIt only took one race at Aston Martin for Coulthard to say, “He just doesn’t see how he’ll find his level again.” This happened after the German made his debut for the British team, which he joined in 2021 after being released by Ferrari.

Since then, Vettel has finished second twice, although one of his second places in Hungary was later taken out due to a problem with fuel sampling.

a Cronin newspaper In a video interview with the Austrian newspaper, Coulthard hinted that he would focus more on racing rather than Vettel. Coulthard also revealed why he was “dissatisfied” with the man who replaced him at Red Bull in 2009 and won the first of four championship titles a year later.

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“The wound’s record is exceptional. In the first phase of his career, he won world championships with his speed. During his time at Ferrari and now at Aston, Seb did not and will not perform as well as we are used to,” the 50-year-old began.

“He never spoke to me about it, but Britta, his chief press officer, did so many times because I knew him from Red Bull. He came up to me, ‘You’re not very nice to Sebastian, and I said, ‘Well, Britta, what do you see and I don’t?'” I’m just saying what I see and Ferrari was behind his teammate and Aston was at the same level as his teammate, Coulthard continued.

“When he won, I thought, ‘Wow, that’s unbelievable, this guy is a winning machine.’ When you lose, I say, ‘Okay, that’s disappointing.’ I was a little confused. I understand because I was also a contender, and that people don’t even bother saying positive things and bothering to say negative things.”

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“I don’t really know what to say about Sebastian. He’s racing in Formula 1. Away from the track, he told us to pick up the trash and ride the bike. I don’t need Sebastian telling me to pick up the trash and ride the bike – I do both,” Coulthard concluded.

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