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Creator Alan Wake 2 has clarified two important questions about the hero and genre of the game

To the delight of many of us, it was announced at The Game Awards last Friday that Alan Wake’s sequel is actually closer to the horror world of The Evil Dogs than the psychological thriller streak in the previous episode, according to a preview revealed. Alan Wake 2 will be a horror survivor, which is an important change from the first part, so the question arose in fans as to whether the genre of the game would change as well as who the actors would make up the protagonist. Sam Lake, Creative Director of the Development Team at Remedy Entertainment and Director of Part Two, answered these questions.

Lake on Twitter It was written thanks to the huge interest that fans have shown in Alan Wake 2 over the past week, but these two things need clarification. Perhaps most telling is that Alan Wake 2 will also be TPS, which means we can expect an elusive survivor. This happened to many because, apart from the new releases, the last episodes of the Resident Evil series, which also survived the horror, used the FPS view for maximum immersion. But Remedy doesn’t want to switch drastically, so he’s keeping Alan Wake 2 for TPS. On the other hand, yes, Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta are once again shaping Alan Wake: Fluff gave her face and body, respectively, and Porretta gave her voice to the title character in Part 1, released in 2010. None of their returns were surprising, as Both played in Remedy’s (before) i Control and accessories last year.

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Alan Wake 2 will be released in 2023 for PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Sam Lake spoke in a previous interview that they could target the more ruthless M class instead of the T class, so let’s really expect the horror!