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“Cristiano Ronaldo does not go out with all his teammates” –

It is not always easy in the dressing room with Cristiano Ronaldo, because he does not maintain good relations with all his teammates, says David Trezeguet, a former player of the Juventus football team. Football Italy.

Can CR feel lonely at Juventus sometimes? (Photo: AFP)


The former Juventus striker was the club’s ambassador, but is now leaving the squad for his managerial career. According to Trezeguet, the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo is the best thing that has ever happened to the old lady, but the Portuguese classic is having problems with some of his teammates.

“Cristiano Ronaldo was the best justification in the club’s history, no one expected him. Obviously he doesn’t go out with all his teammates, everyone can see that. However, he scored 100 goals” Trezeguet said.

“I don’t think anyone was able to treat him at the same level as Zidane at Real Madrid. Maybe Juventus should communicate with him more. There are players you’d better get out of because they win matches for you. Ronaldo and Dybala, for example, are like that.” French added.

CR signed Juventus for €112m in 2018 – he scored 101 goals in 133 matches, and won the Italian Championship twice.

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