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Criticism: no sound 2.

Our review is free from spoiler.

In 2018, based on a simple premise but an ambitious story, Sound Without Sound was a worldwide hit: People have inhaled the silent novelty of life, the irrational and dramatic basics of the horrific events that caused it, and the all-night tension that has been trapped in their reality. His little one, but he screamed after the sequel (mostly from the studio part), so director John Krasinski spoke after some slight twist that he had ideas for a sequel, then found himself in the director’s hip-hop chair.

At the same time, he certainly listened to the criticisms of the first film, realizing some circumstances, or at least paying more attention to them, which made Sound Without 2 more palatable to those who cast the first part because of them undoubtedly strong logical holes.


After glimpsing the arrival of blind but highly developed auditory beings on Earth in the flashback scene, events jump to the end of the first part, where we instantly bounce back to the interrupting reality of the shutdown euphoria: of Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and his young family finding a weak spot Almost immortal killers, the conquest will not end immediately, moreover, their house, which until now was believed to be safe, will be in ruins – they will have to move on. They go to a factory where they bump into a lonely Emmett (Cillian Murphy), who is hiding a dark secret. But for good news, a deaf-mute Regan (Millicent Simmonds) might have the idea to put a sound effect in several places the bugs can’t stand.

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Without sound 2. Movie Missions: Where the near future is at stake, and where there are only a few bandages or a new oxygen cylinder. The plot is quite conditional in this respect, although Krasinski makes sure that by simultaneously jumping and multi-threading, he throws in the fact that the great thing about the movie is that people go here and there for this and that. But this is not a problem, because as in the first part, everything in the second is subject to tension and drama, moreover, Krasinsky, who also carried the text, stripped the plot so much that no more sirens could be found this time in the logic.

At the same time, the environment didn’t look new anymore, and the effectiveness of the horrors that devastated our heroes also dropped sharply, and it didn’t really help that Krasinski turned to the oldest of the intimidating ledger tricks. Yes, when the music fades, VUUU comes, if the character suddenly turns around, then VAAA, and sure enough, in one of the scenes, even a group of roaring birds is banging on your head.

Despite the cheap paragraph effects, Sound Without Sound is the second most impressive movie. There is hardly a moment when one can breathe even for a moment: where horror exists or where human weakness stretches the thread to the point of acne, and though Krasinski does not open the doors of his world, he drops enough information on the subject to make our interest. Not just to the finish, but also for the already airy, pop-up complementing pieces. The studio can go crazy, and we can, too, because this roller coaster is worth more rides.

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No Audio 2. (Quiet Place Part II9 will be released in Hungarian cinemas on June 17, 2021. You can browse all reviews published on IGN Hungary by clicking on our review summary.

Even though he no longer hits as much as he did on the first lap, and his spinach phenotypes are predictable, he still cleverly and consistently distributes tension while only deviating from the course he was on as far as he used to. But it’s not just because of the feature that the sequel was handled by John Krasinski, that he seems to have learned from the mistakes of the previous section.