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Criticized for Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, let’s see what Bosses went for!

We were looking forward to Square Enix’s next big Marvel game, Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, just because Marvel’s Avengers was a bit disappointing, but Galaxy Guardians only fixes issues based on its predecessors that made the Avenger not tweak it that much. The gameplay, centered around the story, heroes, more diverse worlds, and the widest range of interactions is cause for optimism. But how did the final version work? Foreign tests can provide evidence in this regard.

Guardians Of The Galaxy has been released for almost all major gaming platforms and is currently metacrit Its overall rating is very favorable. We now highlight the main ones: 76/100 (6 tests) on PC, 81/100 (64 tests) on PlayStation 5, 83/100 (17 tests) on Xbox Series X at the time of writing. So the results suggest that Marvel’s new adventure didn’t go wrong, but it didn’t make a breakthrough either. Let’s take a look at some specific texts!

a Windows Central Author Richard Devine loved the XSX version of Guardians Of The Galaxy: 4,5 / 5I gave it to him. Devine says the visuals and path design are superb, the music is great, the dialogue between the story and characters is great, the combat system is dynamic enough, the game makes good use of the Xbox Series consoles’ specializations, the control and accessibility are great, and Cosmo and the Space Dog is a great character. The author survived only small things, such as the fact that the game sometimes slows down, that is, the plot is sitting still, or there is no support for ray tracing yet.

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Alex Donaldson VG247I also like Guardians of the Galaxy: 4/5He rated the game based on his Xbox Series X experience. Donaldson says we’re sure we’d really enjoy the adventure if we sat or lay in front of it with the right expectations. Almost 10 hours of exciting, funny and honest stories await us, which of course is not overwhelming, just as the gameplay itself is not. So, it’s worth turning off our minds, and our critical selves, and letting the story take over because Guardians Of The Galaxy is one of the best story-focused games of recent years.

The American IGN Tom Marksa 8/10Classified Guardians of the Galaxy. The IGN writer tested s-heads on PlayStation 5, and Marks also believes Square Enix’s latest Marvel title is straightforward and exciting, as well as a wealth of interaction and choice. True, the course design and the combat system have been completely simplified, but that is enough for such a story-centric game where we come across wonderful and unforgettable characters.

a computer games He tested it on a computer, and article writer Luke Winkie did not faint from Guardians of The Galaxy. winky 70/100-In the game, and although the story and characters are also thought to be very entertaining, technical issues ruin the experience. This is because the author ran into two weird performance issues that shouldn’t appear in a linear game with small paths. Luke Winkie, for example, encountered freezes and crashes especially after the patch, which cut a little bit from the game’s 150GB size.

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If we think, on that basis, that testers only had problems with Guardians Of The Galaxy on a PC, we’re wrong: Chris Carter Destructoidtól He played on PlayStation 5, but he just did it 6,5 / 10He was able to add to the game released by Square Enix. Carter says that while Guardians Of The Galaxy is generally fun, if you sit back a bit, it’s going to be amazing how linear and short, and the decisions made during the plot in the usual way are just seemingly decisions, they don’t really have an impact on the story. According to Chris Carter, the game can really be enjoyed if we think of it as an arcade, that is, a title made for a game machine with a bonus of lovable characters.

Some additional tests and results:

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy will be released on October 26 for PC, PS4-5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.