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Cselgáncs Grand Slam: Attila Ongvari won a bronze medal in Antalya

The President of the International Federation, Marius Veser, officially opened the competition on the second day of the Antalya Chelsea Grand Slam, and on Friday we were also happy with my Hungarian bronze medal.

In the men’s 81kg category, Attila Ongvari finished third, earning 500 valuable Olympic qualification points.

On the other hand, the gold medal fell well deservedly on the neck of his favorite home, Vedat Albaik. Turkish judo champion Tashkent, Italian Parlati, also fought in the final.

“This Grand Slam tournament is so important to us that all of our riders are completely ready. I hope tomorrow you will win more Turkish medals today,” said the last champion.

Out of 73 pounds, Italian Olympic champion Fabio Basile spun in succession, ran, and tossed his opponents like leaves in the autumn winds.

In the final match, his opponent seemed to have been arrested … but Kandemir the Turkish was like the others.

Basili’s impressive collection was already enlarged with a gold medal in Grand Slam after seizing it from the head of the Turkish Olympic Committee.

Among the 63-pound women, Rinchal won the final in the United Kingdom and Barrios in Venezuela.

Unfortunately, in Tbilisi, bronze medalist Özbas Sophie cannot enter the Tatami mat here because his COVID test was positive. And so, he was quarantined for 10 days, even by his roommate, 70-pound Zapina Gersack.

Well, not forgetting the final match – it was decided to put a gold point in favor of the British girl, who won her first gold in judo. Which can be taken from the Vice President of the International Federation.

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For women weighing 70 pounds, Friday has always been Kim’s dominant poll day. Dutch judo competed irresistibly, as did the Croatian Matix in the final.

He won his 24th coin in the world tour, but his first gold, from the director of the Turkish Ministry of Sports.

“I am very happy. This success is of particular value to me, because I had to prepare for this competition with so many tactical elements – even those that did not always go far – where many Europeans started. I am satisfied and I think my coach can They are proud of me too, because I did what I should have done all the time. “

The knights of the Turkish host team fought on the Tatami mat with amazing spirit and momentum – as evidenced by their 2 coins won on Friday. The crown of course is the gold of Vedat Iberac in recognition of their achievements.

Grand Slam Cselgáncs in Antalya closes on Saturdays. Of course, we are reporting on the struggles of the last five groups here on Euronews.