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Csollány’s daughter clarified on New Year’s Eve whether her father had been vaccinated

The truth about Csollány was revealed on New Year’s Eve. As is known, the gymnast is the Olympic champion on January 24 He died when he was 51 years old. Back in the past year, the news arrived in early December: an Olympic athlete was battling the coronavirus, putting his ventilator in crisis mode. It soon became clear that this was New Year’s Eve for Solani, who was taken to a hospital in Sopron with pneumonia, but with his condition rapidly deteriorating, he was transferred to the capital, more specifically to the Korani hospital.

There has been an almost complete break in the news about the athlete’s health, with both teammates and fans guessing. However, everyone prayed for him in vain, and unfortunately, his organization gave up on the fight in the end.

A friend of Csollány’s New Year’s Eve has now shared an exchange of messages on the community site, in which much speculation has been raised about the Olympic champion’s vaccination in recent days.

Below, I’d like to post an excerpt from our conversation with Szilas on December 1st. I want to finish guessing, to say goodbye to Silas and remember him as a well-deserved Olympic champion.

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What was described can only be true because Csollány’s New Year’s Eve daughter, Simona, also shared it on her own Facebook page.

The Olympic champion worked before falling ill in Austria, where vaccination is reported to be mandatory.