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Cuckoo made an amazing journey

The cuckoo flew with a beacon for a record distance of over 90,000 kilometers, Mti writes. The PJ He made the migration journey between Africa and England for the fifth time since a satellite transmitter was connected to him in June 2016 at King’s Forest in Suffolk.

The sample has flown more than 92,600 km since its movement was tracked.

The bird is the first to reach an amazing distance since the launch of the British Ornithology Foundation (BTO) project in 2011.

PJ flew ten times over the Sahara, the Moroccan part of the Atlas, and the French and Spanish Pyrenees. The cuckoo was one year old when it received the lighthouse, and was turning six this summer, approaching the English record for cucumber throat, of six years and 11 months. The summit bird died in 1983.

Denja1 / Getty Images

Chris HewsonThey have been excited to welcome BJ back home this year, said the lead researcher on the project. “This bird is charming and unusual. Its companions usually migrate to either Spain or Italy on the same route every year. However, PJ has used both in those five years, plus a third year: It also stopped in Spain and Italy last fall,” he said Hewson. According to the expert, his flexibility would have helped him survive, so that he could avoid unfavorable conditions for each path.

Cucumbers live in the UK in the summer, as females of this species smuggle their eggs to the nests of other species, thus hatching their offspring. The debtor project has been launched to reveal what may be behind the stock decline. This summer, another 12 birds will be equipped with lighthouses. According to the BTO, the number of cuckoos in the United Kingdom has decreased by more than two-thirds and in England by about three-quarters over the past 23 years.

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