The ban has since been lifted because the photo appeared in a “clear artistic context”.

The new Pedro Almodovar movie poster plays visually with the viewer. At first glance we see an eye with a tear, but at the second it turns out to be a nipple with a drop of breast milk.

And Instagram felt able to remove the post that showed the poster to it all.

a Parallel mothers Label designer Javier Jaen can only say: Shame on Instagram for censorship.

The owner of the Facebook account, Instagram, later apologized for what had happened, and said he had made an exception to his ban on nudity, as the nipple in question appeared in a “clear artistic context”.

Almodóvar’s new film will open the Venice Film Festival, which begins on September 1st. The film revolves around two pregnant women whose paths intersect in the hospital where they are about to give birth. Almodovar, as in many other films, works with Penelope Cruz here.

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