According to the actor, the time for conversations behind closed doors in offices is over.

Attila Vidnashki called and said he would only accept the conversation if it happened face-to-face – as Oron Molnar said in his Friday night video. The actor announced this morning that he addressed Vidnyánszky indirectly and his folks at the rehearsal of the new performance of the National Theatre, thus inviting him to a public discussion.

Now that the time for conversations between offices, behind closed doors, was over, Molnar said, it wasn’t a personal dispute, but a public debate specifically. He added that he did not want a pre-camera debate, but a debate that took place in front of the company, but this was also rejected by the head of the National Theater.

According to the actor, Vidnyászky said, “I will not in any way give you, nor your friends, the opportunity to give the ideas and ideologies that divide the space of Europe and Hungary in this way in my theater.”

In the morning, Molnar said he would take Warmth and Realization campaigner Andrea Straca, and Pal Marset, one of the founders of the Family Movement, to help him deal with the controversy over the homophobic law.

Áron Molnár Attila Vidnyánszky invites to a public discussion


Will you have the courage to face the opposition? – The actor asks the director of the National Theater Chairman of the Board of Trustees of SZFE.

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