As Caesar’s Palace, Festetics Castle in Keszthely became the main venue for the new high-budget Netflix fictional series introduced in recent days, almost entirely produced in Hungary by the streaming service provider.

It was made from the novels by Lee Bardogo Shadow and Bones Shadow and Bone is set in a nineteenth-century Russia-inspired setting, where characters with supernatural powers battle the Lord of Darkness. In the international press shortly after the presentation of April 23, several cases a To fight for thrones String Measurement.

The first season, consisting of eight parts, was filmed almost entirely in Hungary, and the recordings lasted for about half a year from Fall 2019 to Spring 2020. In addition to studios in Budapest and mostly outdoor locations around the capital, Festetics Castle in Keszthely was filmed, showing the building and interior As a small palace for the Tsar in the movie, digitally complete with four onion-domed towers.

The team of nearly a hundred people worked at Keszthely for three weeks from November 2019, and there was a ball scene that also featured hundreds of local statisticians. Róbert Pálinkás, director of the Helikon Castle Museum, told MTI that at the time of filming they did not yet know what role the castle would play, but they were also pleasantly surprised that its role had become so amazing.

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From the library to the Room of Mirrors, the myriad of halls, corridors and stairs of the main building can be seen and identified in the series, and the courtyard in front of the main entrance and park was also the scene of many scenes. She wasn’t given such prominence in a movie for many years – perhaps the last time My treasure. My fortune Festetics Palace, where countless Hungarian and foreign films have been produced for decades.

Róbert Pálinkás hopes that the second season will be completed according to plans, although there is still no agreement on whether the castle will play a role in it again.

The Shadow and Bones Its heroes are almost unknown actors, because the creators of the series had the idea to create a new world that required new faces. Exceptions include Ben Barnes, the general in charge of darkness, who, among others, In the Chronicles of Narnia Zoe Wanamaker, who also played his mother, is known to the Hungarian audience from the first Harry Potter movie as well as Poirot movies.

According to the series’ Internet Data Sheet (IMDb), the audience can also meet Hungarian actors in smaller roles, which will be featured by Ágnes Bánfalvy, Júlia Ubrankovics and Sára Schmidt among others. In an interview, composer Joseph Trabanes also revealed that the music for the series was completely recorded in Hungary.

According to the National Media and Communications Authority Film Support Database, Shadow and Bones In recent years, it has been one of the largest chains with a budget in Hungary. According to the table, the total budget has approached 15 billion HUF, of which approximately 12 billion are the direct spending of the manufacturer in Hungary.

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