The foundation added that anyone who responded to the call but was unable or unwilling to attend the ceremony will have their certificate mailed.

as We wrote earlierLast Thursday, the Golden Diploma was handed over to graduate students in 1971 at the University of Theater and Film Arts (SZFE), but Giorgi Serhalmy was missing. Not because he couldn’t go, but because he wasn’t invited to an event at the Urania National Film Theatre. The representative claims that he was not notified, neither by mail nor any other way.

I will dream later a in hvg360 Tell András Bárdos if he was invited or left. “I’m sorry, let me decide on this after getting an invitation to leave or not. That’s all it takes, I think,” the actor said.

a Hungarian nation sought him SZFE in connection with the case in which it was said

Despite efforts, it was not possible to contact award-winning actor Béla György Cserhalmi,

They added, “The diploma will be mailed to all applicants who, for some reason, were unable – or did not want – to come to the award ceremony.”

On September 23, the foundation said that two degrees had been awarded. “There were a total of 137 honorary alumni this year and last year, including Istvan Verbis or Andras Kern, but despite our efforts, many of our former students, including Giorgi Serhalmi, were not.” SZFE also told the paper that from a fifty-sixty to seventy-year perspective, given past records management practices, it is difficult for colleagues to find the documents. The administration noted that the event was organized despite the fact that this type of graduate transfer is not mandatory in universities.

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In addition to his gold diploma, Giorgi Serhalmy recently spoke to hvg360 about his frustrations and illness, among other things. The question – with Andras Bardus Click here to view:

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The question - with András Bárdos: György Cserhalmi on the MMA speech, the missing invitation


“I have to say it now,” the award-winning actor asserts Kossuth, speaking of his speech, which caused a huge public response. Cserhalmi himself has a hard time deciding whether the hijacking of Lake Balaton, which is so important to him, or the SZFE case took him out of the wind. “You don’t have to be heroic,” he notes, knowing that it’s also become a tool in recent days. But for him, politics is not his opponent, but more than cancer.

If you receive an invitation, György Cserhalmi will not accept his gold diploma either


Standing by the old University of Theater and Film, the actor said he wouldn’t make “the ass out of his mouth” now.