In Tom Hanks’ latest movie, he survives the apocalypse alone, but fortunately, he meets a cute dog, and he also makes himself a cute robot. Finchet is directed by one of the creators of Battle of the Thrones.

a game of Thrones As one of the series’ permanent directors, he has received two Emmy Awards, The trainspotting Miguel Saposhnik, who also works with Tom Hanks, directs the latest Tom Hanks movie, pulsateet, which will be unveiled on November 5 by Apple’s streaming provider, Apple TV +. A preview of the movie has also been released.

a pulsate It takes place after the apocalypse, which maybe only Tom Hanks has survived, or if he doesn’t, it will cause more trouble. Hanks encounters a dog and also develops a smart robot as a scientist, one of his most important tasks is to protect the dog from all trouble. So the three cut him off into a devastated world to learn some important and perhaps very touching things about humanity and love, according to the official version.

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