Desire and Atonement director Peter Dinklage reinterpreted Cyrano’s story: this time, the dueling hero in love suffers not because of his big nose but because of his short stature.

Initial Hungarian subtitled A Desire and penancet, a pride and Prejudiceyou all darkest hourIt’s also directed by the new Joe Wright cyrano– Adaptation, the main role of which is a game of Thrones She is played by young Peter Dinklage, better known as Tyrion in the series. So in this version, unlike the well-known story that is based on the life of a real person, Cyrano feels that he has no chance of repaying his love for Roxanne because of his huge nose other than his stature. Thus the poet Cyrano helps the simpler suitor Roxanne to write love confessions.

the new cyranoNot only will the nose question change unusually, but the film will be musical: its music will be recorded by songwriters Aaron and Bryce Desner, well-known from the American rock band The National, and the songs will be written by the band’s vocalists Matt Berenger. and Karen Besser. The other heroes are Haley Bennett, Brian Terry Henry and Ben Mendelsohn.

The film will be shown in Hungary on January 20.

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