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Curtis has received great news

Curtis had to wait six months until that point, but his sentence finally expired and he could do whatever he wanted again.

Attila Seki, i.e. Curtis, has been implicated in several misfortunes in recent months, since then it did not appear On a TV2 star at Star, he was disqualified from competition (which he would have won with a good chance) or a fight broke out in a futsal match, so he was first suspended from the game for a year and then reduced to 6 months after resuming – but Now you can finally return to the field.

Curtis was severely punished

Curtis was severely punished

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“The ban has already ended, so Attila Seki can return to the team. Unfortunately, all this happened before the last match of the tournament, so a player can only play in the next tournament. However, he is already attending the summer training. Fortunately, the training falls. On weekdays, so for the most part it won’t conflict with Curtis’ performance. If so, the band will go to the concert venue and prepare for next season, when we are the champions. “

The Repostnak László Óvádi, vice president of the Újpest team.

Accordingly, fans of rappers do not have to worry, because sports and shows are also compatible, so you will be able to perform on multiple fronts.

Sure, the aforementioned atrocities happened at the worst possible time back then, as the pandemic caused Curtis to miss his concerts, so he might have had some time to build his athletic career and drain his accumulated energies in the absence of performances.

Has Majka gone away?  Publicly insulted CurtisHas Majka gone away?  Publicly insulted Curtis

Has Majka gone away? Publicly insulted Curtis

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Cover photo: Curtis / Profimedia

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