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Cutouts will also be included in switches in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

Not only have Nintendo Switch players received Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II these days, but they’ve now also been promised that Asypr will add content out of the box.

Thanks to Aspyr Media, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II also arrived on the Nintendo Switch last week, eighteen years after its first release. However, the joy of hybrid consoles didn’t end here, as the team will also be delivering content in the second half of the year that was missing from the original Xbox look.

The restored Sith Lords content has been restored, the DLC will be free and will build dialogues, quests, challenges and other cut content back into the game – one of these missions, for example, by controlling an HK-47 to discover a bot factory. We get a rounded finish that takes player decisions more into account.

asper WarnThe add-on will not be compatible with the previous game files. It won’t spoil your save, so once you’ve started and want to play it all, you’ll have the choice (just turn off the DLC in the menu), but you still have to play the game from the beginning – or wait for the recovered content to arrive to start.

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