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Cybercrime: Attempted cyber fraud using ping calls

On March 12, a 63-year-old man complained to police that he had attempted an internet scam. The perpetrators presented themselves as “Fa” employees. Microsoft Security “”. Police warn of this already known scam.

District ZWETTL. To that person “Pa. Microsoft Security “. An unknown caller told him that his computer had viruses. After the age of 63 he was assigned to install the” Team Observer “computer program so that the stranger could access his computer.

A total of 37 phone calls were interrupted during the phone call, which lasted for several hours, and the fraudster repeatedly called the victim’s cell phone. All phone numbers started with the prefix +44 (United Kingdom, note).
In the evening, the 63-year-old reported the incident to his daughter-in-law. At 7:30 pm, he tried to complete the remote support using TeamViewer, which he won for the third time. He then disconnected the computer from the network and disconnected the LAN.
No damage should occur.

The usual practice of the police

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has long warned that these are pin calls. It is intended to evoke an expensive recall, but efforts are being made to sell cryptocurrencies. With regular ping calls, the cell phone only triggers the call very briefly. Whoever calls back the number displayed will have to pay for it.
The administrator asks that such calls be reported at all times.



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