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Dacia Duster with fresh face and content

Dacia has made the modern crossover/SUV body available to a wide range by introducing Duster. The second generation model also reached an important stage in its model cycle; I received an update that affected the inside and outside. The Dacia model range will be more modern and beautiful, it cannot be said that Duster will fall behind in this category, and the new equipment has really benefited customers.

Let’s look at the external changes first. Although the Dacia logo, the brand’s spelling, has just changed over the course of days, the new Duster still features the old bottle opener. However, alongside it appeared the Y-shape that dominated the brand’s new design direction, making a distinctive point of the model disappear. But it was replaced by a more distinctive feature, in which the taillight was completely replaced, since the usual cross could no longer be seen.

The daytime running light pattern of the LED headlights also uses a Y-shape, and for the first time Dacia has used LED turn signals, so the popular crossover could be more and more modern in the field as well. It comes with a new pattern of 16- and 17-inch feldspar alloys reinforced in a wind tunnel for better air resistance, as well as a new paint shade called Arizona Orange.

Duster 2 is newly renovated inside and out

Duster has also evolved in terms of comfort, which is an area of ​​value for users. A completely new fabric upholstery has been used in the passenger compartment, so it is believed that the quality feel will also improve. It also replaced the front headrests, which are thinner, giving rear-seat passengers a better view. The new wide front center console and armrest, adjustable in a track of 70 mm, under it is a storage compartment with a capacity of 1.1 liters with two USB ports.

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A display in the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel is standard, as well as automatic headlight switching, speed limiter, cruise control and automatic air conditioning. A new 8-inch multimedia display also arrived, and its installation was the most beautiful we’ve seen on a Dacia. The screen available for Media Display and Media Nav also mirrors the smartphone as well as digital radio stations, but can also receive voice control for iOS and Android phones, with a separate button on the steering wheel. Media Nav also includes Wifi and an onboard navigation system.

Duster 3 is newly renovated inside and out

Since the Duster can still be an SUV with true off-road capabilities with a 4×4 engine, it’s important that you serve that, too. Extended off-road applications help the driver and equip the new Duster with more efficient tires. There is no change in the engine range, in addition to the 115-horsepower 1.5 dCi, there are 90, 130 and 150-horsepower turbo gasoline models, but new is the 150-horsepower six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Front wheel version. The electronically controlled all-wheel drive system is still available on request and the new Duster will be available with gas.

The range of driving assistance systems has now been expanded with the Blind Spot Monitor, which is active between 30 and 140 km/h and provides information to the driver with acoustic and optical signals. Anti-skid parking sensors, slopes and reversing cameras are available, as well as a 360-degree parking camera system, which is especially useful not only in the city but also in the field.

Duster 4 has been newly renovated inside and out