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Dallos Bogi was a beautiful bridesmaid: she shined in a light pink dress – a Hungarian star

dalos buggy She has now posted pictures of Jenny Rush and Dora Giorica’s wedding, where she was a bridesmaid with five other girls.

The six wore the same floor-length, powder-pink dress and their bouquets looked the same.

Dallos Bogi was a bridesmaid

According to her followers, she was beautiful, she has already amassed 7000 likes on her Instagram in an hour. There were those who asked her when she would be a bride.

The 24-year-old star was engaged to his girlfriend, Pete Puskas, in February of this year and a half. They met nine years ago at a professional event. Then, even though they bumped into each other on occasion, they were just acquaintances until the start of the 2019 X-Factor. The 36-year-old actor and singer had to struggle for five months before conquering the singer.

Jenő Rácz and Dóra Gyuricza also owe their scores to one of the RTL Klub shows of 2019. Ten minutes after the pretty girl walked out of The Chef’s spring season, the chef invited her on a date. They got engaged at the end of August last year, this year On the last day of July they got married.

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Rica Robinette and Norby Schubert, as well as Chocos Sarkozy and his wife Evie, included Betty Puskas and Bogie Dallos in the ranks of the eighty-year-old wedding crowd. Jenő Rácz hid in a white Robert Marr tuxedo.

The bride spoke the joyous blessings she chose from the salon of love in a mermaid-style dress decorated with white lace on a white background. She wore a floor-length veil and only wore earrings and hair ornaments as jewelry.

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Dallos Bogi bikini

In the winning pair, every lady contestant had a hit in bikinis and swimwear, and we think Dallos Bogi could have gone straight to the catwalk. The tall, slender singer, in her stiletto heel, which proved to be quite small, walked loosely as if she always did.