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Dancer Dead was to perform in Budapest

They give a concert in the arena.

Dead Can Dance has announced that they will be returning to the stage for their tour called Europa – 2022. The concert will take place in Budapest on May 8, 2022 at the Arena. in the round Brendan BerryAnd Lisa Gerrard The entire supporting band will continue their full 2019 concert series with their latest studio album, Dionysus Maybe. The band’s repertoire will include the most successful songs from over three decades of their career, such as snake eggAnd ion And that in the maze albums.

Dead Can Dance is a tough chic band from Melbourne, Australia. The two permanent members were Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Berry, but they were usually assisted by several guest musicians on both concerts and recordings. What makes them special is that Mediterranean, African, Celtic, Medieval and Renaissance influences can be discovered with great weight in their works. Their music has been used as background in many films, one of the most famous being Baraka.

The band was founded in 1981 by Brendan Berry Simon Monroval And Paul Ericksonal, then a few months later Lisa Gerrard also joined as percussionist and backing vocalist. However, they were not particularly successful in Melbourne, and because the underground music scene in Australia at the time was not large enough for musicians who cherished dreams big, Simon Monroe moved to London in the spring of 1982 without a drummer. The first success was not long in coming, Ivo Watts Russell of 4AD noticed their demo and offered them a one-disc contract. Then the collaboration was maintained, and all seven of the Dead Can Dance group’s albums until 1998 were released by 4AD. In 1989, Lisa Gerrard moved to Australia and Brendan Berry moved to Ireland, but this did not fundamentally prevent her from working together. Although they had great success during their existence, they eventually disbanded in 1998 due to musical differences.

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The first world tour was re-launched in 2005 and a new album in 2011 (Anastasis) and even another round the world. Their latest album, Dionysus, is inspired by ancient European Spring and Autumn festivals related to Dionysus.