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Dancing With The Stars 3: Will They Replace A Jury Member?

Interesting news has emerged about the final season of Dancing with the Stars, and it is likely that the jury will be renewed.

After two seasons, Dancing With the Stars was a huge hit in both seasons, so there’s no doubt there will be a sequel. The first and second DWS star won as Tímea Gelencsér and Andi Tóth.

Both riders were able to roll over the field, and this is especially true of Andira, and that has been the case since the first broadcast. It is very amazing that in a few weeks she managed to practically become a professional dancer, despite the fact that she did not have any qualifications in the profession.

Nora Erdoğ, Andrea Molnar, Sanad Gergeli Kovac and Zoltan Pericci were the last judges, but the lineup appears to have changed. The Blake In her article, she wrote that TV2 announced the task of a jury the following week, in which dozens of dancers and celebrities were invited.

Somina Balogh Edina in a bikini reading by the pool

It’s not yet known who the big names might have a jury chance and which many would want to have, because it’s a huge production, and obviously Gas won’t go wrong either.

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