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Daniel Craig reveals why he goes to gay bars

He likes to stay away from male stereotypes.

No one can question the manhood of Daniel Craig: the British actor has played the world’s most famous and fastest secret agent five times, James Bondot, but according to him, outside the canvas, a toxic masculinity is very far from him, which almost expects aggressive behavior from heterosexual men and casts all kinds of emotions as weakness.

He recently revealed on his Bruce Posey podcast that this is why he prefers to go to gay bars to avoid the “aggressive tail poisoning” typical of heterosexual nightclubs.

“Since I knew my opinion, I’ve been going to gay bars,” the 53-year-old explained. SiriusXM Lunch with Bruce in the show. “One of the reasons I don’t get into fights very often in gay bars.” The No time to die His representative revealed that he started going to gay bars at a young age because he wanted to avoid the drift during nighttime entertainment, which often happens in regular bars.

The actor received a star on October 6 at the famous Hollywood Corniche (Image: Getty Images)

The star also added that gay bars are a safe place. “Everyone’s on the loose. You don’t really have to express your sexual orientation, nobody cares. And it’s a very safe place. Plus, you can meet girls because a lot of them go there for the exact same reason. It’s kind of an ulterior motive from me.”

The last piece of Craig Bondos’ career was shown in cinemas with a delay of about two years, yet it has become a blockbuster worldwide. In the UK alone, it has already brought in over £50m after the weekend, and that is already the case The 10 most profitable films of all time 007 Raised between.

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Source: Independent Featured Image: Getty Images