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Daniel Deem: Conservative change of attitude in the UK

And the sculptural destruction of the racist BLM movement is slowly pushing reluctant conservatives to take action.

The British government recently released the content of the Orwellian Commission on Racial and Racial Inequality (CRED) report that highlights the causes of tensions in a multi-ethnic society with almost unprecedented honesty and objectivity.

To summarize his conclusions briefly, the sharp contrasts that exist in the UK’s mixed society are not caused by the racist outlook of the majority, but rather by cultural, religious or social differences. The study suggests that ethnic minorities living in the country should try to help themselves rather than throwing the burden of all their problems on the state and expecting a solution from others.

In the distorted neo-Marxist discourse in Western Europe, the fact that the study criticizes the purification of British national curricula of colonial elements, sees the falsification of the blacklist of history’s greatest national heroes and victories, amounts to a small conservative national revolution. . Instead, he suggests spreading and promoting British national awareness among students.

The CRED report also criticizes the simplification of species theory resulting from the modern Black Lives Matter movement (BLM). In white Western societies, this is no longer thought of as a step-by-step discovery of institutional racism, but also of so-called structural racism.

This report was prepared by the government of Boris Johnson on the future of the United Kingdom at the twenty-fourth hour, and if we look realistically at global power relations, and demographic trends, they may already be overdue in their attempt to unite their nation in a common history and identity.

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The lesson of the CRED report is that in fact it is not about the coexistence of different cultures, nor about the pluralism of society per se, but about the toxic, divisive left-wing ideologies that have been introduced into it that hinder integration and, in accordance with the good Marxist tradition. Divide our societies into victims or oppressors.”