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Dark Souls servers are closed

  • FromSoftware discontinued Evil spiritsA chain of personal computer servers
  • Most likely due to a security vulnerability

if it was Evil spirits– Players will not have enough of a lot of ruthless opponents, main opponents, challenges and evil players occupying their world, now there is another factor that makes their adventures more difficult. FromSoftware announced that it will be paused Dark Souls 3a dark souls 2 and the Dark Souls: RemasteredAnd soon Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PvP servers also due to a bug affecting online services.

The studio didn’t provide a further explanation for the move, which only affects PC versions at the moment, but according to information that surfaced on Reddit, a new vulnerability could be behind the problem, which Dark Souls 3 Invasive players can take control of their victim’s computer by running a code. The trick was recently shown live by a hacker, according to him, because it appears to be the only way to get the bug’s attention from FromSoftware, since he received no response from them to his previous inquiries about the vulnerability. It is not yet known when the servers will recover.

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