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David Black saves his twin from prison trauma

David Black saves his twin from prison trauma

2021-07-31 / Author:
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Although he still caused much suffering to his family, this time he made a responsible decision: he would spare his children the trauma caused by David Black’s imprisonment. The ex-singer, suspected of embezzlement of more than 100 million forints, has been under arrest for nearly three months, during which time he never saw his twins. Although the law would provide him with vision, he still did not exercise this right.

Dr. Blake confirmed that “the children are under the care of their mother and have not met their father since his arrest.” Petra Becali is the attorney for Her Majesty the singer Regina.

Although he hasn’t seen them in months, we know that despite the heavy burden on his shoulders, David thinks a lot about his children in prison.

“She has two people, one is her mother, who used to inquire about children through her. He has a lot to say about him, he has done a lot of dirty things, but he loves them very much and wears that he is far from them. He also knows that prison is not a place for children, so he does not even ask Regina bring them,” a close acquaintance of Blikk told him to keep his name.

Even before his arrest in May, the former star knew he would be away from his children for a long time. He said goodbye to them on his Facebook page.

“My dad, as I mentioned, has a lot of affairs and battles on many fronts, right and wrong, so if you don’t get your money back, which dad rashly borrowed and invested in the wrong place.. then dad could get into serious trouble. (…]If I failed to get my money back, a heavy $100 million, so Dad, you might not see it for a long time, you might not really know it, and who knows what you’ll hear about me,” he wrote of his arrest shortly before the singer on the social side of the twins.

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Regina, who initiated the divorce in court, also demanded full custody of ordinary children. The divorce trial is likely to begin in the fall, and since Black is currently in prison, there is a good chance the mother will be sentenced to twins.

Source: Blikk