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Days Gone Test (PC) Gamecapocs

Although we especially liked Days Gone at the time, unfortunately, creating Bend Studio didn’t really receive the attention it deserves. The struggle to survive Deacon Saint John and the others was a dwarf in the eyes of many compared to the adventures of Drake, Kratos, Joel or Aloy, previously mentioned in the introduction, and although this became a particularly good game, the tumultuous success was missing. So perhaps it is not surprising that Sony has lifted its hand from the project and launched the development of the second installment, citing mostly slimmer sales and mixed reception. Fortunately, however, Days Gone is not completely oblivious, two years after its launch, it left the PlayStation 4 limitations behind and finally migrated to computers as well.

But before we get into the more serious matters, let’s take a look at the content improvements being offered to those who are now seeking to enjoy the game! There is almost no difference between the PC and console versions in this area, as free plugins can actually be found on the list. Thanks to this, you can choose from several difficulty levels, participate in various motorbikes and wear challenges, and finish the game by diving into New Game Plus. What is worth highlighting among these is undoubtedly the Survivor mode, thanks to which we can raise the already low challenge factor. Setting this will make the HUD disappear, we will not be able to travel quickly, and our opponents will be tougher and more aggressive, so be careful, because a small mistake is enough, and we can actually reload the last rescue.

The latter is worth avoiding because Days Gone spends a staggering amount on a PC, which is most noticeable on the first boot. Unfortunately, we don’t quite swim this even if we install the game on an SSD, even so, it can often run in the background for minutes. It’s a little beauty patch once we get through it at first, we rarely come across a charging screen from then on, so it’s well worth the wait, but I hope they keep carving out more of the part-time work.

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However, you no longer need tuning, that’s the scene. Of course, huge changes should not be expected, but when you start the game, some differences appear immediately, thanks to the new version that beats the old engine. What might stand out for the first time is the completely expanded line of sight, until we can finally leave the highlights in front of our noses behind. In addition, the texture details have improved a bit, and of course the frames per second that were previously photographed at 30 are no longer etched in stone. Of course, we also don’t have to forgo changing the resolution, which can be scaled up to 4K, and we can also take advantage of the inherent capabilities of HDR on a suitable device. Thankfully, we have no reason to complain about the aspect ratios either, as we also get superfast support in addition to the most popular 16: 9 screens.

Unfortunately, despite the abundance of options and setup options, there are still some things we should definitely give up on. One of these is the complete lack of DLSS, which is most strikingly the omission of the now fashionable RTX. Let’s just say thanks to this, at least the hardware needs are not in the sky, which proves to be better than the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660 card I currently have, along with the i5-4590 and 16 GR RAM, it has a lot of it at 1080p. At the maximum settings. Surprisingly, even for the larger Legions, the frame rate did not drop, keeping the 60 Series steady from start to finish. Don’t be afraid if you try to keep up with Deacon with a configuration much weaker than recommended, as the options also give you a number of options for customizing your graphics.

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If you are satisfied with eyesight, then head over to and take a look at our treatment options! For PC ports on console addresses, the other focal point is usually control, as not many people take the trouble of optimizing their game for both keyboard and mouse, saying there is at least one or two controllers in every home today. The Days Gone isn’t mediocre in that regard either, and besides being fully controllable with computer peripherals, even the basic button layout doesn’t take a hit. Of course, if someone does not have a factory distribution, then you can change it to your liking, and even control the operation of various systems, for example by replacing the nail menu with a regular one, or vice versa. So the keyboard control works flawlessly, and we don’t have to abandon console support either, plus all the currently available versions make our hero move, which is a bit odd in the case of xboxos, for example, but that’s all Thing.

In the past, many have complained that the character covers a much larger portion of the playing field, which makes navigating the fights difficult. However, this is a thing of the past, as by increasing the field of view we can broaden our field of view comprehensively, which is also worth doing as the default setting is a bit narrow. By the way, we will not have difficulty with the customization, as the opportunity is given to designate the Hungarian language again, so even those who do not know English less will not miss a thing. The translation quality is very good, and although there are some original texts and weird solutions, these are just minor annoyances and dwarf the reality with many positives.

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Although I managed to try the game long before its official release, I encountered almost no bugs. It’s unbelievable that after the disastrous start of Horizon Port: Zero Dawn, the PC version of Days Gone is up and running simply. What’s even more surprising is how stable the game is, as it never crashes or freezes, which is definitely not uncommon these days. I hope the upcoming PC ports of the future are at least as good as the Deacon Adventure, because aside from smaller misfires and longer charging times, this drive is sure to sound flawless.

All in all, Days Gone is a great game that can finally be experienced not only by PlayStation owners, but also on PCs without consoles. We had to wait a long time for this to materialize, but Bend Studio’s work finally reached the ranks, as this release surpassed the original released in 2019 in every way. Then, there’s no doubt it’s worth jumping over the engine again, as riding the deserted roads among the remnants of a ruined world has never been this great.

In addition to Days Gone PC, it was released for PlayStation 4. We tested it with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660, 16GB RAM, and i5-4590.

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