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Dead by Daylight – New Resident Evil Content Leak

Dead by Daylight is known for a lot of the crossover action behind it, so much so that the developers seem to have come full circle: Resident Evil content is coming to the game again in the near future.

As we recently reported, new Resident Evil content is coming to Dead by Daylight this year, and the other day news of the event codenamed Project W started leaking — so it really can’t be far off.

He is very familiar with the material on the topic DBLeaks Delivered via a Twitter account called Project W will certainly bring three playable characters, as expected, Albert Wesker, Rebecca Chambers, and Ada Wong will also be available in the asymmetric horror game.

Of course, Wesker joins the field as an assassin, while Chambers and Wong will be alive, and we also learn about the former that his special skills include the ability to jump over obstacles faster, and seeing the auras of other survivors while carrying him. One, and it can permanently paralyze them when the vents are open.

As of now, there is no information on when the new crossover event will start.

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