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December started over 22 degrees in Canada

Winter began with record temperatures of 22.5 degrees Celsius in British Columbia in western Canada. The record temperature was taken in Penticton, in the Okanagan region, which has a population of 33,000. The city is located 250 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, where a record temperature of 49.6 degrees Celsius was measured at the end of June.

A temperature of 22.5°C in December is an absolute record both locally and nationally, with the previous highest temperature being 11.2°C (2012) in Penticton, where the average temperature for several years was only 3.4 percent at the time .

The value measured at Pentincton is the same as the December Canadian highest temperature, which was recorded in Hamilton, Ontario, on December 3, 1982, but several other locations in British Columbia have broken local temperature records.

Winter is also unusually hot these days in the northwestern United States, with December temperature records broken or repeated in several parts of states such as Washington, Montana, Wyoming or North Dakota. The temperature in some places is 20 degrees higher than usual.

According to Canadian experts, warm air from the subtropics has been pouring into the region since September. Last week, the atmospheric river system pushed heat into the Okanagan region in southwest British Columbia.

In mid-November, torrential rains triggered a natural disaster, flooding roads around Vancouver. This extreme weather has also been blamed on climate change. Recent studies have found a direct link between climate change and some heat waves. Canada’s Weather Referrals Research Group found temperatures in Canada hit around 50 degrees in June, which would have been nearly impossible without global warming.

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According to meteorologist Armel Castellane, the extreme weather is in line with climate change forecasts. “The weather won’t always be so severe. There will be ups and downs, but the frequency, size and persistence of these events will continue to grow in the coming years and decades.” Temperatures are expected to return to normal levels across the Okanagan over the weekend. A snow storm and temperatures of -1°C are expected Sunday in Penticton. (CBC/ MTI)