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Delta variable: you can recognize these four symptoms

Delta variable: superinfection increases the number of infected

In the US, thanks to the delta variant, 35 million too exceeded The number of newly registered cases of coronavirus. Although the desire to vaccinate in the United States has increased due to the Indian boom, the number of infected remains high. In Massachusetts, for example, 70 percent of infected people received both vaccines, but did become infected.

We need to make new concept friends too penetration infection Which means, in my experience, that people who have been vaccinated carry the same number of viruses as those who have not been vaccinated at all. That is, vaccines are also capable of transmitting infection, which is contrary to what experts have assumed so far, namely that vaccines are less contagious.

What do we know about the delta variable?

The Indian variant of the virus, that is, the delta variant, was identified in October 2020, then determined to be very severe in March 2021. Since then, the proportion of the variant in the samples analyzed has been steadily increasing. In addition to India, this variant appeared in many countries around the world – including Hungary.

Indian Double Mutant, Indian Variant, Indian Mutant, Coronavirus Source: Coronavirus Vaccine – FB . Group

The B.1.617 delta variant is coded and can be easily infected. The mutation was found in a protein that allows the virus to enter human cells, to a large extent, by means of which it binds to receptors in cells. Thanks to the changes The virus can attack cells more easily and multiply faster.

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the E484Q The virus can easily “bypass” the body’s immune system, which means it is more likely to multiply and develop more severe symptoms. Wave.

the L452R It affects the infection of the virus. The infectivity of previous virus variants with similar mutations can be up to 20 percent higher than variants without these mutations.

There are 4 distinct symptoms of the Indian boom

researcher According to the delta variant occurs with symptoms other than the original, WAN. In addition to previously known symptoms (such as fever, dry cough, loss of smell and taste, difficulty breathing, etc.), the following four groups of symptoms have been identified according to studies:

  1. conjunctivitis (Pink eyes): means redness, swelling, eye discharge
  2. Gastrointestinal complaints: Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  3. hear complaints: tinnitus, ringing in the ears, vertigo
  4. black fungal infection

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Does a mask or vaccine protect against the new Indian alternative?

According to experts, not only individual control (regular and thorough hand washing, distance, vaccinations and mask wearing) has a key role to play, but also how effectively the pathogen is fought internationally. to the fullest For example, it is important to reduce the number of injuries, slow or stop the spread of the virus (eg with travel restrictions).

E484Q may also affect the extent to which previously acquired immunity (whether natural immunity from a previous infection or acquired immunity from a vaccine) provides protection. Studies are currently underway on the efficacy of already developed vaccines against the delta variant. Vaccines are likely to provide some protection and protection from the most severe symptoms – at least experience so far confirms this – but this protection may be less than other variants.

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It is important to know and analyze the infection and virulence of the new variant and the mechanisms that affect them. The search for contact is especially important, genetic analysis of samples, reduce the spread of the virus. It may be necessary to review current COVID-19 prevention and treatment protocols and adapt already approved vaccines and vaccination plans to provide adequate protection against the new variant(s).

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