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Denmark also tightens: schools and restaurants close

According to Mette Frederiksen, the measures include, among other things, the start of the winter holidays

Primary schools will be closed from December 15, and restaurants and bars will be closed from Friday.

As he said, the government is also pushing for remote work and the cancellation of social gatherings such as Christmas parties.

So far, we are seeing that it is possible for large sections of Danish society to function smoothly because of the great support for vaccines.

Prime Minister said.

Frederiksen has repeatedly stressed that the government will do everything in its power to prevent the lifting of restrictions, but the number of new infections per day has increased dramatically in recent weeks.

On September 10, Denmark lifted the previous restrictions imposed by the Copenhagen leadership on the one hand, with a large number of vaccinations and on the other hand, on the grounds that the epidemic had been curbed. Epidemiological data did not worsen until mid-October, but since then the number of infected people has grown even faster.

In the country of five million people, 529,210 people have been identified since the outbreak, of whom 2,972 have died of the virus.

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